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"How to Farm a Better Fish" - National Geographic- June 2014
By Joel K. Bourne, Jr. - Photographs by Brian Skerry
"The Future Of Clean, Green Fish Farming Could Be Indoor Factories"- NPR 4/7/2014
by Dan Charles- National Public Radio- April 07, 2014
"Virginia tilapia producer has big plans" - Aquaculture North America- Feb 27, 2014
by Quentin Dodd, Aquaculture North America; February 27, 2014
"Unlikely niche" Roanoke Times article 5-1-2011
Unlikely niche: Blue Ridge Aquaculture has become the countrys biggest producer in indoor-raised tilapia-
Four million pounds of Tilapia born and bred in one local hometown
By Hollani Davis, WDBJ7-TV - December 01, 2010,0,3196448.story
One of World's Largest Indoor Fish Farms Hopes to Expand
Dec 06, 2010 Reporter: Ashley Singh l Videographer: Brian Vaughan- WSET-TV
U.S. Sen Mark Warner Tours Fishery,Weighs Role. from: Martinsville Bulletin 4-7-10
U.S. Sen. Mark Warner toured Blue Ridge Aquaculture on Tuesday to learn about the company and its potential role in redeveloping the region's economy. 4-7-2010
"Blue Ridge Aquaculture Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to Fish Industry"
from: Martinsville & Henry County Online Magazine 7-8-08
An Impressive Fish Story- November 2007 Biz Briefs
Blue Ridge Aquaculture is bringing cutting-edge technology to the fishing industry.
Two Sides to Every Tilapia- Washington Post - Wednesday, August 8, 2007
In just a few years, Americans' annual consumption of tilapia has quadrupled, from a quarter-pound per person in 2003 to a full pound in 2006. In the mid-Atlantic, Blue Ridge Aquaculture in Martinsville, Va., raises nearly 4 million pounds each year.
Virginia meets fish demand - 7.5.07 WVTF News
Listen: Recent concerns about the safety of Chinese products and projections that the oceans will be depleted before the middle of this century are making domestic production more important that ever. WVT
Blue Ridge Aquaculture President Meets With U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
7/5/07 Blue Ridge Aquaculture Inc. can significantly help the United States reduce its dependency on fish from China, which could reduce a health risk to Americans, according to company President Bill Martin. from Martinsville Bulletin
Va. firm hopes indoor fish farming rises to top-Washington Business Journal - September 22, 2000 by Adam Katz-Stone
A multidisciplinary advisory team from Virginia Tech has worked with Blue Ridge Aquaculture in Martinsville to iron out issues at that high-tech fish facility. As a result, Blue Ridge's annual output estimated at some 800,000 pounds has nearly doubled the
Health Benefits
Tilapia: the fish for the future? Explore this delicious eco-friendly fish.
A good explanation on the sustainability of tilapia. By Nicci Micco of
Tilapia should NOT be removed from diet
"Tilapia is a high-quality protein, low in both total and saturated fat. contains up to 100 mg of omega-3. The average daily consumption of EPA and DHA in the United States is only 100 mg to 200 mg." By Thomas Repas of Endocrine Today
An Open Letter regarding recent reports that low-fat fish like tilapia are unhealthy
"Tilapia and catfish are examples of lower-fat fish that have fewer omega-3s than the oily fish listed above, but still provide more of these heart-healthy nutrients than hamburger, steak, chicken, pork or turkey." By William S. Harris, PhD, FAHA
Catfish and Tilapia: Healthy or Harmful?
"Both contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids." By Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D
Research and Development
Virginia Shrimp Farms
Lawmaker gets update on work at fishery
January 6, 2011- By: KAREN THOMPSON - Martinsville Bulletin Staff Writer
"Integrating Fish Farm Effluent with Shrimp Culture to Enhance Sustainability" Hatchery International June 2008
Virginia Tech researchers show that treated tilapia effluent can be re-used to culture marine shrimp
Bring on the shrimp- 9-23-07 Richmond Times Dispatch
Nobody before has invested as much in trying to raise shrimp indoors, said George Flick, a professor in food science and technology at Virginia Tech. "He is really a pioneer."
Recirculating aquaculture technology is warding off future seafood shortages
One way this knowledge is being put to work is at Blue Ridge Aquaculture facility in Martinsville, Va. The newest venture for Blue Ridge Aquaculture is a project to use tilapia effluents to support shrimp aquaculture. Feb 2007 VATech Spotlight on Innovati
Virginia Tech Expands Aquaculture Research Efforts: 1/17/2007
A pioneering partnership between Virginia Tech researchers in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Blue Ridge Aquaculture of Martinsville, Va., will determine the feasibility of expanding into land-based marine shrimp co-culture.
12-06 New Inland Aquaculture Ventures take Center Stage- Sea Grant Newsletter
Research at the completed facility will be funded in part by a USDA grant, making the new facility a model for public/private cooperation.
Past Research Projects
Waste not, want not- SeaGrant newsletter- Spring 2004
New Effors Safeguard the watershed and reduce costs for farmers, fisheries managers. By: Angela Correa, Va Tech News, published in Sea Grant newsletter Spring 2004
Fish hatchery, Tech are testing ways to make something out of nothing
Federal officials received an eye-opening-- and nose holding- lesson in turning trash into treasure Monday at Blue Ridge Aquaculture. By: Douglas Hairston, Martinsville Bulletin- October 8, 2003
USDA gives part of $405,000 grant to learn to compost
A state-of-the-art greenhouse and a few thousand tons of fish waste is proving to be a rich combination for Blue Ridge Aquaculture and Virginia Tech researchers. -Tuesday, July 6, 2004 Martinsville